Lancashire and Yorkshire Bouldering 

An evening of pulling on plastic and a yellow circular icon on tomorrow’s forecast had Andy and me making plans to capitalise on the last of the high pressure. I mooted bolt clipping but Andy countered with bouldering, which I knew would be better for my soul 😉 I left the choice of venue to the encyclopedic knowledge of my accomplice, confident of being chaperoned to the best spot to suit the conditions…

Leaving the car with the temperature gauge showing 0C and a howling gale from the north was a timely reminder that sunshine, whilst important, isn’t the only weather consideration. We tramped over to White Holme Reservoir over more thickly iced puddles with our objective, Dove Lowe, in the distance

Quite remarkably, on the south side of the rocks, it was almost comfortable, and we made best use of the few problems that were sheltered enough and clean enough (and easy enough!) to be manageable. 

Having exhausted the available rock but not the daylight, we decided on a two crag (in fact two county!)  day and headed over the hill to Halifax and the much more urban, but sheltered, Woodhouse Scar. A stone’s throw (or more accurately a McDonalds pack or coke can’s throw) from town. 

Also somewhat luminous, but nonetheless enjoyable climbing, at least until the sun disappeared over the hills opposite. 

Time to head home, with shoulders and forearms pleasantly aching and soul rejuvenated! I really should do more bouldering – I can feel a New Year resolution coming on… 

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