Desplomilandia – chillin! 

I allowed myself to be talked into a day at Desplomilandia on the basis that it felt pretty warm yesterday. Not a problem a few hundred metres higher and on a totally shaded set of crags! It’s a great spot but it was REALLY chilly!

We went for a three-sector day, warming up (not) on La Vida Mismatch with Si te gustial pique pique, a fun 6b and Al Aldalu, a not so fun 6c.

Bumped into a couple of Norwegian teams (there completely independently!) one of whom made mincemeat of a stunning 8a+

Before moving on to El Cable for the stunning Uretrofilo, 7a, which has a bouldery steep start followed by a tough headwall on pockets and fingerlocks culminating in a fierce pull for a jug – glad of the extended draw at the crux. 

Then finished off on El Triangulo with Jake making slick work of Madre Salvaje, 7c and a top 50 tick to boot. 

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