Frontales and Poema Roca 

Back to the sunny side and a day on Frontales. We meandered along without much of a plan until beneath sector Momia, and ended up warming up on a 7a, El Orajazo. I’m obviously mixing in the wrong circles. 

Plenty of Vultures sensing a potential feast were left disappointed! 

Trundling further right we arrived at Poema Roca just as a throng of uni students (Cardiff) were clambering up into the cave. This looked an unlikely juxtaposition as the entry grade is 7a and some of them were struggling to scramble up – turned out they were just trying to find a bit of shade to chill in!

This, of course, was the shady hole that Jake had nominated for the site of his holiday project, the appropriately named Swimming Through a Shark Attack at a hefty 8a+. Much preposterous toe  hooking and kneebarring facilitated progress along the horizontal venture into upside down land, with the occasional no-hands “rest”! He managed all the moves, so we’ll be back for round two before the end of the week. 

Also worth including a shot of Roland on his first 7a, the eponymous Poema Roca 

All was going so well until we hit rush hour on the way home… 

Heavier than usual traffic in your area, as Google maps might say 😉 

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