Busot sector Tocayo

There’s been a lot of development on the side of Cabezon d’Oro above the town of Busot, and furnished with much beta from Justin and Chris we set out to explore.

Sector Tocayo lies above and to the left of the main band of crags (see tomorrow’s post) and catches the sun an hour or so earlier, from about noon. Far left on this picture, taken after sunset. 

We caught up with Keith and Fiona; Jeff and Anne; and Andy and Pauline, so along with a few locals we had quite a crag full! We’d been armed with quite a few topos off the Internet, but they’re not always easy to read on a phone, which explains how we ended up warming up on a 6c thinking it was a 6a (a relief when Keith pointed out our error!) Helen top-roped the adjacent 6b up a corner, declaring it none too hard, but she did cheat by deploying traditional techniques…

Here’s the gang on some of the routes on the right hand side of the crag 

And a triple bum-shot 

Jeff looking strong on a 7a 

After a late start we inevitably stayed until sunset, and caught the last of the rays illuminating the crag with a golden glow, 

then down to the  van-village in the car park for post-climb beers and banter. 

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