Margalef – El Cami de L’Ermita

Another dodgy forecast saw a team head for Barcelona in search of some culture and another make a foray to the coast. The rest of us headed to Margalef in hope rather than expectation…

… and were rewarded with a great day’s cragging! 

Sector El Cami de L’Ermita is set in a side valley from the main Margalef areas, accessed by a narrow, steep, hairpinned road which really takes the breath away (if you dare to look!) Arriving at the Hermitage the Cami sector is clearly visible about 10mins walk away – striking orange and grey walls contrasting with the unexpectedly blue sky. 

We started with the excellent Rumbo Tarugo, which starts (like many Margalef routes) with a vicious pull over an initial bulge before continuing for another 25m on fabulous pockets at a pretty friendly angle 

Two other routes share the same thuggish start, and I did them both (a glutton for punishment!) Jugant Get, 6c, is fairly steady pocket pulling for 25m until it rears up for some really stiff pulls past the last couple of bolts. Erminano, 7a, is much more sustained but without any one move being any harder – all three were outstanding.

Further left, here’s Guy (in the background)  on La Chinita de la Lao, 6b

Helen on Badabadoc

and Ken on Pelacanyas 

The rest of the Margalef team also had a good day on one of the sectors nearer town, and everyone had worked up an appetite for a veggie pasta feast. 

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