Camarasa – sector Crestes de Conill 

Camarasa is a charming village with a a great bakery – Forn de Pa Capdevila, and a whole array of crags (with almost 400 routes). Unfortunately, most of these are north west facing and really wouldn’t be a lot of fun at the moment. We headed for the one exception, Crestes de Conill, which is an upturned reef forming a fine tilted wall on the opposite side of the river from the village and providing a perfect south facing suntrap. Ideal!

There are about 30 routes here, from V to 6c, with the vast majority at 6a to 6b+. About half run up to the obvious midway break and the rest have extensions to the top of the crag giving sustained outings of 30m plus. The rock is generally not too polished, which is just as well as the holds tend to be on the small size, and overall we thought the grades tended towards the tougher end. All the routes we did were thoroughly enjoyable though. 

Here’s Helen on Omega / Yin, 6a+

Justin on Dream Climb, 6a+

Justin and Chris on Yang, 6a

Helen leading Brigada Mixta, the rightmost of two recent additions, both 6a, between Sbutnic and Kintore Vola that don’t make the PoD guide but were our pick of the day. 

… and Chris topping out on the same route. 

2 responses to “Camarasa – sector Crestes de Conill 

  1. Hey up, got to this via a recent post on UKC.
    The reason ‘Brigada Mixta’ , ‘Dirty Paws’ (the route just left) and ‘Kaputnik’ (another really good route left of ‘Sputnik’) didn’t make “the PoD guide” was simply because they didn’t exist at the time of publication. All three routes were cleaned and equipped by myself and Albert Cortes in the year following publication. I’m glad you enjoyed them… just that the wording on your blog suggests that, for some strange reason, we decided not to include these routes…
    As with many new addittions, we published info about the routes on the Lleida Climbs blog shortly after completing them:
    Hope you continue enjoying Catalunya!
    Pete (POD).

    • Thanks Pete. Definitely one of our favourite destinations – great to have the link to the Lleida Climbs blog; I’ll be sure to check for updates next time we find mystery routes :-). Cheers, Dom

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