Higgar Tor and a bit of “head pointing”

If you are looking for dry rock in The Peak then Higgar Tor has the advantage of being hideously overhanging. Of course, that does come with the downside that all the routes are also hideously overhanging too!

We weren’t alone in nominating our “bit of grit most likely to be climbable” for the day, and we were joined by another couple hoping to do routes and a pair of boulderers.

A “warm up” on Surform convinced me that a day of belay duty was in order…

… so Jake browsed the guidebook, trying to match dry / less green patches of rock with lines in the book, and settled on Block and Tackle, E6 6c, as a suitable project for the afternoon – dabbling with a “Head pointing” ethic for the first time, where you practice a trad route extensively before trying to lead it.

After a bit of drying, brushing and trying he had it just about dialled on a top rope, but disintegrating skin and the pressing need to be elsewhere for some beers and a curry meant that the lead would have to wait for another day. Phew!

Not the most productive afternoon’s climbing but enjoyable banter with the Sheffield teams made for a pleasant outing.

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