A night in The Igloo

The Cyclops Eye is big – REALLY BIG! Must be over 200ft in diameter and we spent much of the day circumnavigating it.

Pitch 20 is a soaring traverse up and right out of the eye socket – a 100ft of piecing together gravity defying placements from the mish mash of fixed stuff and anything else you can stir in – proper C3 and not sure about the F!

This runs together easily with pitch 21 making for a better haul, and Bill got the roof tussle on p22

This left me with the “reachy” p23 and a really tricky move off the belay, followed by yet another wrong turn onto El Nino (yes, it’s obvious not to head right on the topo, but somehow we keep getting sucked in by the shiny bolts rather than remnants of the 64 ascent.) Back on track and there’s some scary pulling on ancient rivets before a couple of hook moves onto the belay.

Bill gets the wildest pitch of the day – a few C3 moves onto the “5.7 Traverse” (who are they kidding?) and a gnarly finish up to the belay ledge via some sketchy hooks (especially as we couldn’t find the hooks in the bag!)

A genuine 5.7 pitch (no sandbag for a change) and we were in The Igloo – historic bivvy site from the first ascent and a must to savour the ambiance.

… and in more good news, Bill found a stash of water (we weren’t short – 5 litres in the tank by the time we arrived at the Igloo, but it’s nice to have a bit extra – if only I hadn’t c@c#ed up the teabag rations)

Just two more pitches in the morning then down for beers, showers, pizza and more beers!

Soundtrack for tonight – Quin the Eskimo

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