Halloween double header

Back in Blighty, just in time for a sunny autumn snap.

Gorgeous on Kinder on Monday

… with a touch of frost in the shade and even some icy patches, though reports of The Downfall being “in” are somewhat premature!

Murky on Tuesday, but it’s cracking the flags again on Wednesday (but 8C in the shade).

Garage Buttress fits the bill perfectly, with the upper tier routes (left of Colonel Bogey) being above the tree line so benefitting from all the solar power available. Jim was easily persuaded and we pretty much ticked the crag with a bunch of 6b+s/cs, an E4, Matricide (that is really just a slightly runout 6c) and a decent stab at I Hate You, 7a. Here’s Jim pulling through the bulge on Unloaded, 6c

Not too bad for Halloween!

Of course, it’s also a Wednesday, so it seemed a shame not to show my face at Awesome Walls in Stockport for the regular Wednesday evening winter wall gathering. Not the most productive session, and a useful reminder that a month spent climbing granite slabs is no training for overhanging plastic! Still, nice to catch up with the gang and The Railway has got Pale Rider on draft and Bill’s driving, so an excellent evening!

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