Agden Rocher

There’s a thread on UKC entitled “In praise of Agden Rocher” and it somehow wriggled its way into my consciousness as Jim and I were pondering a venue for a dry but chilly November outing. Sunny aspect, great outlook, not too far from the road, and I’d only ever been once before. Helen was so intrigued she decided to brave the cold and join us!

Glorious autumn colours and occasional glimpses of sun over the Woodhead gave way to grey dankness as we neared the crag. Damp, lichenous rock did nothing to reverse the feeling that we’d perhaps made a duff choice, and this was seemingly confirmed by our “warm up” SOS. Jim made a great job of it in the conditions (how the move off the ground gets 4b is a mystery)

Talk turned to which pub we should go to, but a slight lightening of the sky and the promise of “good protection” encouraged me to try Conjunctus Viribus – great route, with some stiffish but well protected moves via twin cracks in the headwall; soft for E1 and actually felt easier than Jim’s VS.

The sunny spell was short-lived but we persevered with Asteris, the crack to the left. Also very good, but definitely the other end of the E1 spectrum. Tough sequence above a defunct peg (good gear below).

Plenty more quality looking lines to come back for on a dryer, warmer day.

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