Rucksack Club Marsden to Edale

A train strike on Northern Rail, a dodgy ankle and a shortfall of moral fibre all combined to suggest a novel twist to the traditional Club New Year curtain raiser… I went for a Hadfield to Edale via Crowden. This had the benefit of rolling out of bed after 9am, skipping a few miles of bog and Black Hill, and still managing to catch up with the main crew at Gran’s famous soup kitchen, via a bit of a jog – it could be the way forward šŸ˜‰

I followed JB’s secret Clough route up on to Bleaklow and soon picked up the Wildboar Clough path in the misty gloom. Approaching Bleaklow Head I stumbled across Rucksackers converging from all directions to the summit cairn (you have to look quite carefully!)

… including Bill who was 2/3 of the way through an epic double, and still looking fresh (thus putting my pathetic efforts to shame!)

Bleaklow passed in a flash and we were soon tucking into a second helping of Granville’s famous chilli soup

… as more of the gang arrived down Lower Grains

A quick jog down Lady Clough and up to Seal Stones, then a remarkably dry short crossing and my favourite descent off Kinder, down the seemingly vertical unnamed Clough. In the pub by 3pm and it was rammed with at least 50 Club members who’d contrived various itineraries, long and short, to meet up for the social. Grand!

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