Happy New Year from Robin Proctor’s Scar

Another day of immaculate sunshine sandwiching a rather grey and foggy Christmas week – what a way to kick off the New Year! North Yorkshire looked to have the best of the forecast, which was ideal as I’d had a provisional plan to meet up with Paul before our New Year trip to the Lakes fell foul of the dreaded lurgy. Robin Proctor’s (a.k.a. Norber Scar) is about halfway, would dry quickly and get all the sun going – Austwick here we come!

Jake made a late decision to join us and, credit to him, we were out of the house and on our way by 9:30am, about 8 hours after turning in on NYE. Our reward was glorious blue skies across The Dales

We almost certainly won the prize for the brightest set of belay jackets, decked out in fluorescent green and yellow, with a couple of heavy weight red duvets for belay duty – just as well as it was quite chilly! No evidence of anyone else daft enough to be climbing.

Here’s Paul on Inertia Syndrome, 6a+ and a stiff warmup.

… and Jake on Marshall Plan, 6c

Jake crimped his way up t’Inglesportonia Wall 7a and we finished off with the classic Top 50 Wheels on Fire

… Getting down just as the sun headed down beneath the horizon.

Not a bad start – Bring on the rest of 2019!

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