Nafplio – Sector Karathona

We’ve more or less completed the clean sweep of Nafplio crags with a visit to Karathona – a somewhat less imposing buttress set above the beach of the same name.

Overnight rain meant a late start to allow the rock to dry, and there was plenty of evidence of fresh snow on top of the Peloponnese mountains.

Sun is a wonderful thing though, and we had dry rock to play on. Kali Lefteria, 5c, provided a pleasant warm up, but trying the 7a extension from cold was probably ill advised: “old school and sharp” as the guidebook correctly summarises.

Much more fun was Nychtereda, 6a, which takes an airy right trending line up a hanging prow – more intimidating than difficult, especially with the gusting wind coming off the sea, which by now had the draws hanging horizontally.

This was also bringing black, threatening clouds scudding across the bay, and sure enough rain soon arrived to stop play. Probably for the best having climbed every day for a week – nature’s way of saying “time for a rest day!”

Back at base we feasted on fish (baked in the neighbours’ fancy new van’s oven) and the first of many Greek salads, topped off with a scrumped lemon. Simple things 🙂

We’re moving on tomorrow so a quick reflection on a week of climbing in the Argolis peninsula. It certainly seems to benefit from a benign weather system – it’s been chucking it down pretty much everywhere else in Greece whereas we’ve managed to climb every day, often in T-shirts. Theres a newly published guide to the area

… and in fairness we haven’t really scratched the surface, but first impressions are that most of the good stuff is covered in the Aris Theodoropolous selected Greece guide. If you plan to visit and want to explore before splashing out, you can download a free pdf from Jim Titt’s website

that covers much the same territory (but without the pretty pictures or recipe suggestions!) The good stuff is really pretty good – well worth a look and the beach camping at Lefka beach is a pretty decent base for the Nafplio crags if you don’t fancy van parking in town.

… Now onwards on the Odyssey!

One response to “Nafplio – Sector Karathona

  1. That’s all really useful info Dominic. I am seriously considering using some of your ideas to make a trip back to Greece – I know it sounds like heresy but I wasn’t that keen on Leonidio. Some of the walk ins (and outs) were killers for me and I found the climbing that we did very samey. However, we were there in unbelievably hot conditions and found it pointless to flog up to places only for the sun to be baking the crag by 8:30 am. So I am open to persuasion. I loved Kyparissi and would go back there like a shot, especially as Aris is doing more development there. Fortunately the majority of our 2 weeks was there, but it could be fun to visit some of the places you have been posting about on our way back there.

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