Nafplio – Sector Anatoli

Another decent crag overlooking the sea, although this time the access is through a zigzagging maze of crumbling roads that were presumably intended to serve a villa complex that never got built.

Good news for the crag, and for the locals who keep their colourful beehives here.

Four more šŸŽ¶ routes to go at, but on completely contrasting rock – Anatoli looks more like a typical grey slabby limestone crag covered in goute d’eau pockets that you might find in Provence; the difference being that in France it would be polished to a high sheene and utterly joyless, whereas here there’s great friction and positive holds (or holes).

Here’s Helen on the first šŸŽ¶ route, Christina, 5b

And Jim on Aristotilis, 6a+

Then we did the remaining šŸŽ¶ routes: Smiling Tsouk, 6a+ linking big pockets on steep ground and not too tough for the grade

… and finishing up with KtR, 6b – also good but thinner.

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