Leonidio – Bella Vista

This new crag has been developed by a German couple since the last guide, and is set fairly high above the road to Elona (the guide says an elevation gain of 70m and 20mins – the first is a typo, it’s 170m, and the second is a stiff target!) They’ve done an outstanding job of marking the path though – if you haven’t seen a blue blob or a cairn in 5m you’ve missed the trail.

However, the start of the path isn’t quite where it’s marked on the guide (it’s about 100m before the road starts curving right into the tight hairpin) Here’s a picture to help you avoid the thrash through the undergrowth that we encountered:

Regardless – it’s worth the hike.

About 30 well-bolted routes across an unusually wide spread of grades with quality 5s, 6s & 7s and (of course) a great view!

Here’s Jim on Crazy Croc, 6a+, very good but with a tough first move.

Helen on the well-positioned arete of eponymous route of the crag, Bella Vista, 6a

I managed to sneak in an ascent of Capprisi, 7a, despite damp tufa blobs and frozen fingers, before Helen made a rapid ascent of Speedy, 6a, also highly recommended

and here’s John on the juggy Do It, 5c.

The latter piccie was taken as we were fleeing the crag – you might have noticed the cloud cover and amount of clothing increasing in successive pictures, and of course what you can’t see is the gusting wind picking up – we bailed once we could no longer feel our fingers! Time for a brew!

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    • Yeah – and it’s highly recommended! You’d probably get away with the logbook on UKC if you don’t have the new guide – all the routes have names at the bottom.

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