Leonidio – RockSpot and Douvari, and SunRock 2019 is well and truly underway

Although the keen team and overlanders have been here for almost a week, the “official” Rucksack Club SunRock meet actually started on Saturday, though clearly I’d forgotten to book the weather. It was grim: 8C and spitting.

Ian and Mark won the prize for stoicism, racking up a couple of routes, whereas Helen and I called it a day after one token effort: Grado Commercial, 6b on the excellent looking new sector Montanejos Climbing Garden.

We saw sense (belatedly!) and rationalised that there was no point suffering polar conditions and possible tendon injuries when the forecast for the rest of the week was scorchio.

John and Tony, meanwhile, had been exploring up in the hills and been turned back by a couple of inches of snow!

The day was salvaged with a gathering in the Panjika bar, sampling the full range of the excellent Kykao IPAs (brewed near Patras – I’ve advised the management to stock up ahead of the influx next week!)

Which was followed by the regular Saturday night jam session, with a great combination of the locals and random visiting climbers turning out some bangin’ tunes (including a guest spot from the Club’s very own drummer…)

We’d at least managed the “Rock”, all we needed was the “Sun”. Happily this arrived on cue on Sunday morning:

Here are a few photos of the team enjoying the sun on Sector Douvari on Kokkinovrachos…

Meanwhile, I had a productive day over on RockSpot, doing Petra and NNGG (both 7a, each with a cruxy 5m or so heading through the tufa / pockety bulge) and finishing off with Metaxotos Extension on the right end of Douvari (a very hard pull over a bulge above the belay of the parent route upping the grade to 7a, but not great climbing – better to quit after 33m and bank the 3* 6a+ tick.)

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