Leonidio – Hot Rock (at last!)

The sun has well and truly got its hat back on now! SunRock indeed 🙂 Troughton team selfie at the campsite ahead of Tash’s last day

Back to Twin Caves for a “something for everyone” kinda crag, and it was unrecognisable from the last visit! At least 12C warmer, and positively toasty. Here’s Chris and Dave on a couple of the routes on the lefthand walls.

… and Helen just about visible in pink nearing the top.

Jake and I warmed up on the surprisingly excellent Psaromalis, 6c/+ on the pillar right of the main cave.

Next Jake led Vromika Myala, 7a+, the route I’d failed on almost 2 weeks ago but had sussed some canny beta.

This worked well on my attempt as I stormed past the crux, to an awkward knee-bar / heel hook rest. Unfortunately the juxtaposition of these two opposing strains on my knee caused a nasty twang somewhere deep inside it, and although I persevered I ended up popping off the top wall – a bit broken 😦

Jake was on fire though, storming up Chipotle, 7c

…and Mr Magoo, 7c, both onsight (just about visible in top centre of the twin caves panorama in the photo below)

Tash’s reward for belay duty was to enjoy the huge swing! (Took Helen and me back 20 years to when they used to think this was what we meant by a “belay” and would nag “I want to belay now!”)

Meanwhile, Jim was on a 2-crag strategy, with a mission to do the 🎶 6b Mayor on Hot Rock, so the whole team drifted over. At last, a day worthy of the name!

You can just about make out Lindsey on Mayor and Chris on one of the 6bs to the right.

Here’s Justin on Iannis (?)

Helen on Kurz, 6a+ and Jake nearing the top of Porno Star extension, 7b

Helen leading Porno Star, 6b

…and Dave on Kurz with Helen nearing the chains.

Back at the van, some kindly souls (later identified as Justin and Chris) had donated a bag of oranges to the cause,

so we had an impromptu orange binge…

… before washing them down with a beer.

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