Leonidio – Elona round 2

After a few days of dry and warmth, Jake was keen to see if the tufas at Elona had dried out. I’d already decided that I should probably give my dodgy knee a rest day, and the prospect of knee-barring my way up steeply overhanging territory helped to cement my resolve. Another day as a chilly belay bunny in the offing.

The crag looked superficially drier, and it was certainly a glorious day, but all of the tufas were still dripping. Undeterred, Jake did Parahynida, 7a+, in great style whilst I watched on and recalled the epic (and ultimately doomed) tussle I’d had with the same route 16 months before.

Ernie and Bert were both pretty wet, and belaying in the shade was quite chilly despite the 17C temps in downtown Leonidio, so we retreated to the upper part of the crag for lunch and to watch the sun’s rays steadily illuminate the intricate maze of tufa.

Here’s Jake making wistful plans for a spring or autumn return sometime.

It really is a stunning crag

The lower wall looked like it might be a bit drier, but the sun only served to highlight the wet streaks.

Nonetheless, here’s Jake on The Battle of Succession, 7c

Time to call it a day and plan for a return in drier conditions

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