End of SunRock 2019; and then there were three

Dave and Lins kindly picked up Jake at 6.30 this morning for the trip to the airport, and that’s the official end of SunRock 2019 – 36 Rucksack Club members and guests spread over 3 weeks to make it a marathon session this year! Whilst it wasn’t all “Sun” (and there were even glimpses of snow!) there was some climbing to be had on 20 out of the 21 days, so no shortage of “Rock”.

Shortly after Jake’s departure we enjoyed (yet another) spectacular sunrise over The Myrtoan

Helen, Jim and I took a leisurely coffee on the beach, before the looming attraction of the Panagia / Mad / Theos Wall had us packing sacks again for another session (at least Helen and I did – Jim figured he’d earned a rest day).

We ambled up to Theos Pillar where I did the last of the 7as – 49% (okay, more like 6c/+), before moving on to Micro Theos which was surprisingly busy. I was really chuffed to do Talvisota, 7a, which had a very bouldery start followed by fun broccoli pulling.

Moving still further along, we caught up with Gary and Hazel who’d got Theos Right all to themselves. Helen did BoltMan Extension, 6a, and Ride to the Top, 6b

I came close to the 7a+ Extension to the latter, but couldn’t quite manage the final crimpy pull over the too bulge. Time for a brew.

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