Leonidio – Yellow Wall and a first 6c for Jim

Yellow Wall is a small sector on the way up to Mad Wall, with less than a dozen routes, but all the ones I’ve done there have been excellent – 40m rope stretchers on bob-on vertical rock with a mix of crimpy and flowstone holds.

The entry grade is 6c though, so we headed a little further up the hill to Piccolo Muro to warm up. Here’s Helen on Pathfinder, 5c, with Jim demonstrating his most attentive belaying skills.

Back down to Yellow Wall for the main event and I get the clips in the super classic Yellow Submarine, 6c, reminding myself what a stupendous route it is. Jim gets beyond 2/3 height on his onsight attempt before missing a good hold and running out of steam. Helen and I ponder whether he’ll sack the project and call it a day, but this is a new, super-motivated Jim and he succumbs to cajoling to give it a second run.

No slip ups on the redpoint and it’s a first 6c in the bag for Jimbo – he’s been climbing well all trip and it’s the perfect end for his Greek Odyssey as he’s on the Patras-Ancona ferry tomorrow.

I follow up with an ascent of Lazeri, 7a, not much harder and another route I did on our last trip – couldn’t resist another go, as it’s simply outstanding.

Then finished off with Markaris, 7a (6c in the Aris book, which is nearer the mark, so odd that it’s upgraded in the latest guide).

Great views of the fluttering Greek flag in front Yellow Wall (climber just about visible topping out on Yellow Submarine at the top left of the photo)

… and the same cheesy photo op with the Theos crags in the background

Back down to the beach to catch the last of the rays and break into the Brewdog stash – special celebrations call for something more than a Fix or a Mythos so there’s a temporary suspension of the strict rationing regime!

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