Leonidio – Hot Rock (the clue’s in the name)

With the forecast set at 20C for the foreseeable future

… we figured we might just take advantage of a hazy day to get away with a trip to Hot Rock. But it turned out…

Already smouldering as we left the truck

It was positively toasty by the time we reached the crag, but not before I’d been inspired to take some photos of the profusion of wild flowers along the way.

OK – no more whinging that RockAroundTheWorld is only about climbing!

Anyway, I warmed up on Kraessi, a tricky 6b, and continuing the floral theme here’s Helen on Rose, 6b+ (the guy on the right is on Kraessi)

Then I did the eponymous route of the crag, Hot Rock, 7a/+, quite tricky and sustained.

We couldn’t visit without doing Helen, 6c,

so Helen did Helen!

And Helen was pretty psyched to have a go at the šŸŽ¶ line of Mayor, a 35m 6a+ corner. She did a great job, especially in the heat!

Funnily enough, when we’d done this 18 months ago I’d commented that it was an excellent 40m 6b that would be an even better 35m 6a+ (as there was a nasty sting in the tail). A subsequent rockfall and repositioned anchor has resulted in exactly that. Be careful what you wish for!

Finally I had a go at Simpatiki, 7a+, but it proved to be a route too far. A very bouldery finishing move involves a long reach from an undercling in a shallow two finger pocket. I managed to reach the next hold but didn’t quite get the sweet spot, so got spat off eyeballing the chain. Here’s a French guy getting it done on his redpoint effort.

Completely pooped and toasted, we headed for the bar!

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