Orama – a crag for an 80m Skinny

We’d had a brief foray to Orama (the furthest left sector of Kokkinovrachos, beyond Douvari and RockSpot) at the start of the trip, and I pretty much dismissed it as a bit “meh” – Aris had dished out a uniform 2* rating for every route, and the couple we’d done hadn’t been awesome. Helen had been put off because almost everything was a 40m rope stretcher (it’s hard battling the drag and weight of all that rope when you are only little) and given 6b and up.

Anyway, Helen had been encouraged that the local guide has downgraded most of the routes to 6a/+ and she’s been coping well on other long routes (partly thanks to our skinny 9.1mm Beal Joker – did you know that the Greek for rope is Skioni, pronounced Skinny, but with the emphasis on the second syllable) so we decided to give it another chance.

Helen warmed up on I Don’t Want to Grow Up, 5c and then led Kapari (6b+ or 6a – Helen’s verdict 6a+)

… and For Your Eyes Only, (much the same – 6a climbing with a + for the full rope length of it). Both highly recommended.

I did Takounia, (7a in the Aris guide and 6c locally – maybe split the difference?) which is well worth seeking out, with some fun tufa followed by sustained yarding on generally good holds. Worth 3*. We then stopped off at RockSpot on the way back and finished off with the 🎶 Polar Circle, 6c/+ which some have suggested is a bit soft for the grade but I’ve certainly found other 6cs easier! Anyway, fun climbing through the holy lower wall followed by a brief crimpy crux around 2/3 via a mono or long reach, then steady but sustained climbing to the top. Another full rope length of solid enjoyment!

Time to quit whilst we were ahead, as the forecasted weather system moved in, offering striking light over the town.

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