Double Grit Rations

Paul’s visit down from The Lakes injected some much needed enthusiasm into a dull and chilly Friday evening, and we headed to Bamford for a first dose of after-work climbing since the clocks changed. The sun made a feeble effort to illuminate proceedings, lighting up Win Hill

… but not providing much warmth.

Remarkably, it was Paul’s first visit to Bamford so we quickly worked through the 3* classics: Bamford Rib, Neb Buttress Direct

The Crease…

… and Wrinkled Wall.

Not a bad haul for a couple of hours.

Saturday was much more like it in terms of weather, though a little misty to start with, and Millstone beckoned. A tad chilly and moist early on, but the tinge of greenness soon turned to gold as the sun hit the rock. Here’s Paul on Lyons Corner House Direct

Which we followed up with Eros, Billingsgate, Erb, and Embankment Routes 3 & 4.

Here’s Stan on Erb, just contemplating the first crux rock over above the roof.

… and then the tricky second crux mantle…

Finger-locking good!

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