High Tor

After a few sessions on the grit I figured I’d earned a bit of respite from having my arse kicked, so Helen, Jim and I decided on a visit to High Tor. The majestic Main Wall was out because it was a bit too breezy and anyway not ideal for a team of three, but the Right Wing was ideal: sunny, sheltered and plastered with nice shiny bolts!

We kicked off with Memories, 6a (and perhaps the best of the steadier routes)

… and then worked our way up through the grades. Here’s Jim on We Pedigree Chum, 6a+,

…and we also did If Dill Was Here, 6b; Scoobs, 6c (and tough at that!)

… End Game 6c+/7a (one of the best sports routes at the grade in The Peak) and Dutch Moon, 6b.

Having pretty much ticked the crag I was left reminded what a cracking spot it is, and what a shame there isn’t more of it – must pack a rack for the next visit!

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