St Govans East

It’s hard to understand why St Govans East is so much less popular than its more celebrated neighbour – for the sake of another 100m walk you might well have the place to yourselves, and the routes are every bit as good (and a LOT less polished!) You also get all the morning sun going (to see off any overnight smeggyness) and a fair selection of routes accessible at most states of tide (though not Brave New World!)

Helen and I started off with Comfortably Numb, HVS, which deserves at least a star or two, then did Whispering Wind, E1 5b which is somewhat more of a struggle (though also very good) and provided a good vantage point to snap James on Lotus Europa

… an especially good effort given the baking sun!

Steve sought out the shadiest route, Roman Candle, HVS…

… and raved about it so much that Helen and I had to do it too – certainly well worth a couple of stars (and not the “bag of…” icon that it used to get)! This provided a different camera angle on Lotus Europa, this time of Paul

I enjoyed The Vicar’s Goat, E2 5b, which is a fun exercise in steep fingerlocking in an impressive position, and then we finished off with the stunning arete of Rear Wind, HVS (top visible in the background of the photo above) and got the following rare “selfie” of both Helen and me climbing on it…

A very fine end to the day and to a grand week with Steve and James, which fully deserved a couple of pints at the St Govans Inn to celebrate before heading back to the tranquility of the campsite (apart from the machine gun fire and shelling, of course!)

Don’t you just love Pembroke!

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