Fun Day in Fundy

New Brunswick is full of surprises – I didn’t even know there was a – 4hrs time zone east of EST, but there is and New Brunswick is in it! So is Fundy National Park… which sits on The Bay of Fundy, with Nova Scotia on the other side. The USP hereabouts is The World’s Biggest Tidal Range, a whopping 12m (that’s the height of most of Stanage!)A bit of a mixed day of weather saw us in full National Park mode: Seeing the sights, hiking interpretive trails and even going on a Ranger Walk. Matthews Head gives a good view of the coastline from the comfort of one of the giant red chairs dotted around the Parkand an encounter with this cheeky fellaCaribou Lake is devoid of Caribou, but does have some magnificent sphagnum moss… and Dickson Falls were pretty rather than spectacular.We turned out for the Ranger-led “Beaver Walk” more in hope than expectation – we’d been on a number of nice enough meanders through dammed brooks and streams without ever having managed to encounter one of the little critters responsibile. It was just as well we did show up, as our ranger was a somewhat nervous (but VERY knowledgeable) young woman; it was her first EVER Ranger Walk, and nobody else turned up (it was drizzling a bit). Anyway, we were suitably rewarded by a well informed talk, and more importantly, a genuine BEAVER deigned to show its furry little face. Too dark for photos, but we nipped back the next morning on the off chance, and the Beaver family was busy beavering away, filling the store cupboard for winter. Here’s the lodge (we know all the words!) in the top right of the photo)and here’s one of the occupants heading homeChuffed with this encounter, we set off to drive a couple of hours back west to Welford to sample the cragging on a glorious sunny (though chilly) day.

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