Perhaps the biggest weakness to Tenerife as a sunrock destination is the relative lack of easier sports routes – the rock architecture doesn’t seem to lend itself to slabs and there’s been a tradition of leaving the many crack and corner lines as trad routes. No surprise, therefore, that the self-styled “beginner sector” of Tamadaya should prove to be very popular. There were more people enjoying its 50 or so routes (mostly IV to 6b) than we’d met in the whole of the rest of the week.

The approach is short and pleasant as you drop down on what looks to be an ancient cobbled path

into a narrow ravine – its watercourse long gone, but evidenced by the polished lower walls. “The Canyon is for everyone, protect it!” or similar…

There are routes on both sides, with the upper parts catching the sun depending on the time of day, but the base of the ravine is in shade all day in winter, accompanied by a cool breeze. We made our way to the far end of the sector and did Prejuicios, V, which gets 2 stars on UKC but was a bit of a slippery experience.

Back in the middle of the Canyon an obvious sunny upper wall with a couple of well-chalked lines looked much more appealing.

The leftmost of these, V-Style, 6a+, was excellent but stiff for the grade, with three tricky sections on the steep upper wall.

To the right, Cross Over, 6a, was also very good and much more reasonable at the grade, though the two crux sections both required moves above and well to the side of the bolts.

With the motivation of someone on their penultimate day of the trip, Tash overcame both with great determination to achieve her first 6a lead tick of the trip!

The words “quit while you’re ahead”, “seaside” and “ice cream” were all uttered in quick succession, so we headed for the coast to catch up with Jake and Leah, who’d been enjoying a rest day.

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