La Galera – “Go Directly to Jail…”

“The Jail” isn’t a particularly appealing name, but this is a very pleasant crag, if a bit of a hike up hill. All the routes are named after prisons (I guess the local route activists never heard of The Stranglers!)

The 25mins guidebook approach is a bit of a sandbag – reckon on more like 40, but it’s along yet another gorgeous ancient cobbled path through the village of Veravo

and winding gently up through terraces.

You don’t get much of a sighting of the crag, shrouded by trees. Here’s a peek:

Here’s Jake reporting Telmond, 6b, as being tough for the grade.

Here’s Helen on Asinara, 6a

And Leah on the same route

Helen on Pianosa, 6a+

… and Jake making short work of Black Dolphin, 8a, on his 2nd redpoint

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