Euskal – Colosseo – Rocca de Basura; a three crag day

A couple of kilometres further up the Pennavaire valley from Colletta, these three crags line the sunny south-facing flank.

They’re only a few hundred metres from the road, but two of those hundred are vertically upwards; happily there’s a very pleasant zigzagging path that leads steadily upwards.

The first crag you come to is Euskal – towering stratified wall on the left and an impressive cave on the right

We left that for later and headed up to Colosseo, almost a continuation but very contrasting, with bulging walls and occasional tufa. The left hand side has a few more friendly routes and we did Pompeo, 6a, to warm up.

Exploring further, we wandered another 100m left to Rocca della Basura, and another change in character – bulbous tufas abound. Here’s a local lad working Nostradamus, 7b

(he didn’t seem too put out when Jake onsighted it shortly afterwards).

I fared less well on Nocciola, 6c, just to the right in the first picture above.

Back down at the lower crags and Helen led Catalina, 6a

and I had another 6c struggle on the outstanding Pinta, up the big orange wall on the left of the first crag shot above. It might have been a 3 crag day, but it was also only a 3 route day! Quality is more important than quantity, as they say.

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