Casse de Prelles and Les Ayes

Casse de Prelles is an east-facing series of quartzite slabs and pinnacles set above the village of the same name. Here’s a view taken from across the valley a couple of days after our visit

Yes, quartzite – that’s 3 rock types in as many days (and we haven’t even touched granite yet!)

Our visit coincided with a group of youths from the “ecole de 2me chance”. Pleasant enough lads but they did occupy quite a lot of the routes! We udged round the corner for some peace and quiet onto sector…

Very crimpy climbing on positive holds. Here’s me on Hibou, 6a

Before chasing the sun back onto sector 3 – here’s Helen on Coup d’eclat

The crag loses the sun around 2pm so we went in search of more, and explored up to Les Ayes.

This is a lovely spot accessed easily via a footbridge across a pretty river

We were slightly confused by the guidebook description of it being a summer (ie shady) venue whilst also being south west facing – all became clear when we realised that there was a chuffing great hill blocking the afternoon sun! Nonetheless, we couldn’t leave without a token chilly route – Bilbo, 6b, was excellent but really tough! Definitely a spot to add to the “must come back” list!

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