Le Pouit – Incy Wincy spider climbs up the rock again!

After two days of continuous rain, we were pretty much climbing up the walls of the van and desperate to get onto the crag. Normally, we use any rain interruptions to move camp. On this occasion, the forecast had been cruddy everywhere with the tantalising prospect of two more glorious days in The Durance if we sat it out. We were mightily relieved to find the forecasters were right…

… now all we needed was some dry rock.

Le Pouit gets a big write up as a winter crag, but we were having doubts as we left the car with the thermometer showing 5C and moisture visibly being sucked into the air from every direction.

La Ponteil, just opposite, was shrouded in cloud

… but at least our crag was in full sun, and the damp patches were visibly shrinking. Matins Chaud, 6a, was the obvious warm up, and by the time we were done with that the crag was buzzing with a dozen strong local youths sporting deep tans, honed muscles and decked out top-to-toe in Decathlon gear. At least we’d got that bit right!

Boui-Boui was a tougher proposition at 6a+

… before moving further right to sector Dalles a Kaki where we did Rouppets Chaud (not really worthwhile) and a couple of excellent 35m 6a/bs – possibly Rorro est arrive (with a recent extension) and Pedale Joyeuse (there’s been a bit of development and tidying up of anchors since the guide was published – there’s a topo here but it doesn’t completely resolve the ambiguity. http://cafbriancon.ffcam.fr/tzr/scripts/downloader2.php?filename=T004/fichier/67/45/5jlj7y2pofww&mime=application/pdf&originalname=TOPO_DU_POUIT.pdf

There’s tonnes to come back for including some great looking long 6c/7as (climbers just about visible on the central section of the crag and La Ponteil now basking in sunshine behind.

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