So long Lockdown

The “roadmap” has finally yielded the beginning of the end of the latest Lockdown (was it the 2nd or 3rd, and more importantly will it be the last?) Time for a catch up of more “local” playing in The Peak before we hopefully get back into Rocking Around The World (even 30 miles from home would be welcome). Anyway, as you’ll see, I can hardly grumble given the wealth of climbing near the doorstep and the good fortune to make the most of the occasional decent March weather (combined with a dash of bloody mindedness).

A major damp spell followed the “Stay-Local SunRock week” I blogged about previously: and the only recreation to be had was the muddy variety…

… But things started to pick up again with a quick hit on Garage Buttress with Bill, which really highlighted the quick drying nature of the crag after a morning of rain.

Stanage popular end beckoned a couple of days later – what a magical spot when you catch it without the hordes.

Here’s a couple of shots of Dave on Narrow Buttress

Wharncliffe was the unlikely spot for a socially distanced birthday get together with Jake – halfway and just about local to each of us, he celebrated in style with a cool lead of Desolation Angel, E6 6b

… and Autumn Wall, E4 6a

So lucky to pick the only sunny crag in the Peak!

… and remarkable to cast our minds back exactly 12 months to the last day’s climbing before Lockdown 1!

People suggest that “if the answer is Horseshoe it must have been a pretty stupid question” but sometimes it’s the only spot with the necessary microclimate, as Jim and I demonstrated.

A couple of days later, Millstone provided a perfect contrast:

And the Peak’s answer to Pembroke…

… Intake Quarry (screw your eyes up and imagine sea rather than the scree-strewn meadow, and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean – or maybe the Lockdown is getting to me! Here’s Andy on the awesome Abide With Me

Which brings us more or less up to date bar a quick hit at Harpur Hill.

Hopefully we’ll be back to something a little bit more like business as usual, with a much awaited restarting of Rucksack Club meets this week and the prospect of travel beyond the confines of the local area in April, and the even more keenly anticipated pint in a pub garden to follow. Ah for the simple pleasures!

One response to “So long Lockdown

  1. Very nice post Dominic and great to see you again by the crag!
    Also, Narrow Buttress looks really interesting.

    I fully understand your concerns about the lockdown. Here in Greece, were are in very strict lockdown since last October (allowed to leave home via an SMS to the government and only for groceries or medical issues).

    Of course, it is inhuman to stay all these months locked in a house and therefore few times I have been climbing nearby Katafyki, Castle Thermisia etc. I guess you remember that region.

    I wish you all the best!

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