Sun Rock 2021

Ever since our kids started school, which is over 20 years ago now, we’ve observed the tradition of a February half term SunRock trip. It’s the perfect window in the climbing calendar – a burst of solar energy to look forward to in the long dark nights after Christmas, with the promise of a training “hit” ahead of the start of the UK climbing season opener (usually sometime around Easter).
For the last ten years, we’ve extended the invitation to fellow members of The Rucksack Club and “The SunRock Meet” has become a firmly established fixture in the annual meets programme.
You’ll find some highlights from our 2018 adventures in Catalunya here:
… and our Greek Odyssey to Leonidio here: 2020 didn’t turn out quite as planned! Our well-intentioned decision to shift the timing into March for warmer climes / climbs resulted in the first day of the meet on the Costa Blanca coinciding with the start of the Spanish lockdown, and you know the rest of the story…

Anyway, fast forward a year and there’s been no opportunity to go chasing the sun for SunRock 2021…
… Luckily, the sun decided to pay a visit to The Peak – who’d have thought it (especially after a cold snap meant that the usual Cascade Climbing meet was able to be reconvened in The Peak rather than Cogne only a few days before!) Here are a few snaps from more or less sunny days as I managed to cram in 6 days of climbing in 8 days, mostly in the company of Rucksack Club members and all within the prevailing guidance.Monday dawned rainy but perked up later, in time for a quick blast to Stoney West with Bill. Remarkably fast drying and sheltered.

Wet on Tuesday, which happily coincided with my jabbing shift at the Manchester Vaccination Hub, but Thursday saw a return to blue skies and a visit to Moss Rake.Friday’s forecast was more of the same, so we headed to Froggatt – Great minds think alike and we bumped into a couple of other teams including Jane and Sam. Here’s Sam on Big CrackAnd Helen on GammaAnd me on Pedestal CrackMore grit on Saturday, with James on Bamford, which really did live up to the 5* forecast. Sunday was warmer still – shirtless climbing in The Peak in February! You can’t always guarantee that on The Blanca! Colehill is the perfect suntrap:
Fabulous crinoid holds on the Hamster Wall Somewhat in need of a rest day by Monday, but the weather wouldn’t let up (though freezing fog resulted in a retreat from Millstone to the hallowed ground of Hobby) and a chance encounter with Dave and Martin. I’m tempted to say “who needs the Costa Blanca?” but I still think we’ll revert to Spain or Greece for 2022, always assuming that the situation allows. Meanwhile, The Peak is a pretty decent substitute 🙂

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