Range East

May is a great window for a trip to Pembroke (apart from being peak firing season!) Jake and Leah managed to get a few days off so we hatched a plan to meet up.

Monday was a bonus in terms of firing restrictions, with a random cessation of the usual blanket week-day ban for the whole of Range East – shame that low tide wasn’t until mid-afternoon, and the sea was a frothing frenzy. Helen and Leah sensibly opted for the non-tidal delights of Saddle Head

Jake persuaded me that bits of the Keelhaul area of Bosherston Head were accessible at high tide, so it only seemed fair that he should be the one dangling on the hanging stance in the splash zone whilst I lead Intensive Scare – surprisingly un-scary despite the general dampness. Here he is nearing the top (only sprayed rather than soaked!)

Our next objective had been Luke Skywalker, the E5 direct version of Star Wars, but we discovered that this is now subject to a bird ban (I knew it was a mistake picking up the latest restrictions leaflet!) Instead, we settled for a return visit to Pleasure Dome – our previous ascent having been one of those “not quite an epic, but only just” variety. https://www.rockaroundtheworld.co.uk/2018/04/11/stennis-head-and-a-reminder-why-they-call-it-adventure-climbing/

The conditions couldn’t have been more different and the route really delivered on the “Pleasure” promised in the name. What a stunning line!

Time for a well-deserved bite of lunch, before Jake and Leah went to try out their new wetsuits at Broadhaven, whilst Helen and I dropped back down to Stennis.

Here’s Helen leading Quickstep, VS – a fun, well-protected route up a slanting crack.

By now, the appeal of the beach had diminished once the heat had gone out of the afternoon sun, but Jake’s appetite for climbing hadn’t, and the lure of The Leap beckoned. There are few more atmospheric places to climb than Huntsman’s. We’d hoped to get on Meet the Monster Tonight, at the far seaward end, but the neap tide undermined our calculations and we’d have needed a dinghy. Here are a couple of shots of a team on Honey Monster:

And one of Jake rapping in

We’re starting to run out of routes in The Leap, but Jake liked the look of Slap Up, which takes a tenuous line up a blank wall and scoop, protected by numerous threads. Tough for E3 6a, especially in the somewhat slimy conditions.

Feeling that we’d wrung a full ration from the day, we retired to the campsite to enjoy the spectacular sunset and a couple of beers.

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