Penya Roca and the end of SunRock 2017

After another great week of great company, fine dining, decent weather and the occasional climb it was time to say farewell to the 2017 sunrockers. 

About half of the team – like herding cats!

The team disappeared at intervals throughout the day, grabbing a last route if flight times allowed. Rob and Steve had accidentally booked Sunday flights and so we teamed up for a final fling at Penya Roca  / Llieber. 

This had all the hallmarks of ‘a day too far’ as accumulated fatigue and poor route choice saw a succession of failures, but we all ended the day with good ticks over on the right hand crag, and decided we’d earned a final beer.

Jim’s final cartoon of the trip captured the mood in the van as we started our gentle trundle northwards….

Thanks everyone for a brilliant week! 

…until 2018 🙂

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