Tallat Roig

We’ve based ourselves by the seaside, a little north of Gandia – not the most inspiring campsite, but easy reach of the Gandia crags as well as Tallat Roig. The ‘Red Cut’ is an impressive, broad crag with half a dozen sectors a few km inland near the town of Alzira.

The rock is heavily featured and has some sandstone characteristics, especially near the base of the routes (which can be a bit bulging and polished). The climbing is excellent, across a good spread of grades from IV to mid 7s with a lot in the 5 to 6b band. …but worth having a bit in hand whilst you get used to the rock, as they don’t give them away!

Access is easy. 10 minutes up a well graded once you find the right parking! 


Topos at http://valenciaclimb.com/es/climbing-areas/alzira/

We had a couple of days there and caught up with Tansy and Keefe on the second day. 

Helen leading Que no se extinga la llama – Do not extinguish the flame (nothing to do with killing llamas! )

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