Morata de Jalon – Las Torcas

Our trip has come almost full circle. We stopped off at Morata de Jalon for a few routes on our first day off the ferry on the way down. This time we didn’t really have great expectations of climbing, as a cruddy forecast and intermittent drizzle were set to confine ambition to recceing another sector for a future visit.
We arrived at the crag to find it rammed with Spanish climbers togged up in puffa jackets and woolly hats – more like a scene from The Tor.


Luckily not a big walk in. With national pride at stake, we geared up and joined in the fun. More climbing in belay jackets, but we seemed to make a reasonable impression on the locals who took a friendly interest in making sure we knew which were ‘the most beautiful ways’ at the crag.



Pockety, steep rock, with the inevitable bit of polish especially on the starts, and it all felt a bit stiff for the grade – but 3 layers of fluff and no feeling in your fingers will do that…

Anyway, after the last couple of days we’ll be fully conditioned for our return to British rock!

Meanwhile, we’ll certainly be back to MdJ in future – If nothing else, we want to explore this magnificent through cave/arch


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