Sea Breeze

A big thunderstorm kept us entertained during the night (!) and then dumped an inch or two of rain over breakfast – was that the day written off? Nope, this is Kalymnos! Within an hour the sun was out and by the time we got to the crag it was scorchio.


Having chosen Sea Breeze because of the short access and south easterly outlook (fast drying) we were left chasing shade throughout the day, just staying ahead of the encroaching sun.

Perhaps the route of the day was our warm up – stars on stage, an outstanding 6a. Here’s Heidi topping out on it later in the day as we were heading down.


Heading leftwards we just caught Loubis Angels 6b in the shade before doing Hazouli (same grade but with a really tricky move) in the full sun.


… a really determined lead by Helen.

In between these I tried and failed on three different 7as – a roofy one, a crimpy one and a preposterous cavey one – that brings the current 7a score to 0 out of 6 😦

Heidi’s excellent fajitas were an excellent antidote to an otherwise potential sulk – that and the accompanying beer! There’s always tomorrow!

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