A few days of rubbish weather here in Meteora – maybe worth binning the new belay device! Atmospheric spot in the drifting clouds though – definitely “suspended in the air” at the moment. 

After a day of mooching around, cheered up with dinner at Taverna Paradisos run by the local climbing guru, we decided to make a day trip to nearby Pyli in search of dry rock. Plenty steep enough to stay dry regardless, though it wasn’t actually raining (probably a bit TOO steep for us to get the best out of it), though a few of the tufas were a bit damp. 

We warmed up on… 

Which looked it, but turned out to pretty reasonable at 6a+ (given that it overhung by about 5m in 20m)

Then got a sound working over on IRA which was supposed to be 6b – preposterous! Came closer to doing Toyland, an outstanding tussle up a single tufa at 7a, but the 7a drought continues… But Optaki Epafi, a more recent 6b on the far right, was a fine consolation. 

Dropped by the beautiful 16 century  bridge in Pyli for a look at the crag there, but it didn’t look great and was soaking anyway. Pretty bridge though.

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