A gorgeous day at Gogarth – aren’t they all? 

Back in Blighty in time to head along to the Manchester University Mountaineering Club (MUMC) and Rucksack Club joint meet at our hut in The Pass. Inevitable drizzle on Saturday morning (it is mid November after all) means there’s only one sensible option, and 40 minutes later we’re parking outside South Stack cafe with blue skies overhead. Despite our best efforts at persuasion it looked like the attractions of Gogarth had fallen on deaf ears, but as we were gearing up a breakaway team of three MUMCers arrived (just as well as Steve had just realised he’d left his rope at the hut!)

Geared up and ready to head down to the bottom of Castle Helen 

The high tide and significant swell made the last 20ft or so a bit perilous, but still left the top 3/4 of Rap to be enjoyed. 

Next up was True Moments / Freebird, whilst we waited for the tide to turn – always committing, launching out along the traverse… 

 Then down again to do Blanko (now without the risk of submersion!) 

… And finally North West Passage to round off an excellent day – Four routes would be a great result for a June day, let alone November! 

Great to watch the MUMC team enjoying their first Gogarth experiences – I suspect they’ll be back for many more. 

Back at the hut, and Joe has prepared a stupendous jambalaya to feed the team, and tales of derring-do are duly shared. Great meet! 

One response to “A gorgeous day at Gogarth – aren’t they all? 

  1. Hey Dom et al looking out for the MUMC team. Doin a wonderful job there. I’m sure they appreciate the time and experience they shared with you all at Gogarth………..

    Cheers Payne

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