Mar de Fuego – multi pitch adventure on Frontales Bajas 

Last day of the trip so we decided to have a multi pitch adventure – Snr Fernandez’ website came up with the goods in the form of Mar de Fuego, Sea of Fire, a 7 pitch 7a up the front of Frontales Bajas which has been gently beckoning me each morning as I gazed out of my bedroom window… 

The line of the route is fairly easy to spot from the excellent gigapixel photo on the website, and the orange circle high on the crag is a good landmark. If in doubt, here’s the GPS coordinates of the start – on top of a flat block after about 100m of scrambling 36.9138938,-4.7598271

An easy 5c approach pitch… 

brings the first of the tricky ones – 6c+ with a couple of poppy cruxes (for me at least) through some steep territory. Here’s Jake just after the second crux. 

Careful planning on my part meant that I could now relax, safe in the knowledge that the remaining tricky pitches would be Jake’s lead. Next up is a 7a pitch which is quite balancy and sustained. None of the climbing on the whole route is obvious as there’s no signs of wear and very little chalk. With the 7a pitch in the bag it’s time for a team selfie

And a gaze over the village of El Chorro and the surrounding countryside 

Followed by a few more pitches to top out and a bunch of raps back to the sacks. An 80m is plenty and I’d guess a 70m would be okay but you’d probably struggle on a 60m. Three hours up and another one getting down again – not too shabby and a great way to end a great week! 

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