Two sides of Kinder

Saturday saw the annual chance to blow away the cobwebs on the Rucksack Club Marden to Edale meet. Having rejected the idea of “The Double” I’d settled (guiltily)  into bed as a dozen or so hardy souls had been setting off from Edale for the night leg. Instead I was up for a lateish train on Saturday morning and set off from Marsden in the company of Andy and Ade, at a bit of a jog. This “late but speedy”  approach has the benefit that you get to meet pretty much everyone en route and still get to the pub in Edale (34km and 1000m ascent later)  in daylight.

It was pretty wintery on top, with snow flurries and ice-glazed flags alternating with freezing bogs… Here’s Andy on Bleaklow

The highlight along the way is arriving at Granville’s pop-up soup kitchen at the two major road crossings at Crowden and the Snake – a real life saver!

But at least it was clear, and we managed a near-perfect navigation to make the pub by 3ish. Here’s the route

Of course the main point in turning out is the social in The Ramblers afterwards, and we were joined by about 60 Rucksackers and guests for beers and banter. We also were privileged to witness history in the making as Helen P and Mike Z completed The Double Double ie Edale to Marsden to Edale then back to Marsden and back again to Edale – About a hundred miles and a very fine kind of madness! Great job!

Sunday was a much fairer day, so Helen and I set off for a loop around the southern edge of Kinder. Absolutely glorious day, but perishingly cold in a fierce easterly wind and with consequent icing under foot.

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