Los Cahorros 

We’d tried to find Granada’s most traditional and spectacular climbing area on a trip about 23 years ago, and didn’t make it to the car park. Armed with GPS and a guidebook this time, we at least managed that (though it’s easy to see how we foundered at the village of Monachil last time!)

It’s an impressive spot, very much a tourist and walking destination as well as major crag, with hundreds of single and multi pitch routes on either side of a huge gorge. Much of the climbing is on the shady side, so we headed for the sunny sector Eras. 

We’d been warned that the grading here is beyond “stiff” and actually operates to a completely different local system, about two letter grades above the norm. Just as well, as the couple of 6as we did (Placa Carlos and Piscis) both felt nails and pretty runout too (half a dozen bolts in about 25m).

Great climbing though, feeling more like Alpine granite than Spanish limestone, with jamming and laybacks being the name of the game. 

That was quite enough for one day – a place to come back to though, either with more mojo for the bigger routes or on a really hot day to appreciate the shady side. 

*Footnote: our two routes get 6b+ and 6a+ respectively in the updated version of the guide so a modicum of self respect is restored! 

2 responses to “Los Cahorros 

  1. Hi To me X boss an his missus……. Granada hey……. The Crag and location look fab…. sorry the climbing was a bit hard……

    Granada – tip of the week. Got taken there by Mrs Howie when the WWalkers used to do the SunRock thing every spring in the 90s…….. “You’re coming to Granada Payne, about time you did some culture”……. tip. That Fort thing ‘Alhambro’ (that’s a hat I think) but you know what I mean…… Well it’s just full of bloody tiles……. you can get too many tiles in a day sometimes… don’t bother – And I lost me camera…

    Real reason for contact……. My new boss sign of the Journal last weekend…. 22 Jan….. Is that even earlier than the best Oughton deal? On the other hand you can rest safe in the knowledge it is a ‘mere’ 184 pages….. I know, not in the Oughton league…… BUT have to say I was impressed. I’ll be honest I didn’t think it would make 100 early on or even get big enough to print …… BUT Payne wrong again. Nothing new is there. And it’s got the most amazing photo I’ve ever been sent….. well good as. See pp 50 when ya get back.

    Take care, enjoy the sunshine – I’m off to the Tan’s doo tomorrow. Nothing vertical planned. Even doubtful we’ll do anything Horizontal. Maybe chatting to the ‘oldens’ about my idea of a Tan’s History …… we will see.

    Over and out for now – PAYNE

    PS – We actually have a family pad down there somewhere. Torromelenous or somewhere. We’ve never been, Roe has never flown and I don’t like big towns even though it’s got a pool and things. The kids and gkids use it a lot, but as I say we’ve never seen it. Pity the kids don’t let it out, but it’s not near any climbing unless you like the side of night clubs.

    • Hi John – Good to hear from you! We did the Alhambra about 20 years ago ; like you say, more tiles than Porcelanosa!
      Great work on the Journal – I knew it was in safe hands. That’s a super speedy turnaround. Looking forward to it.
      Pass on our best wishes to everyone at the Dinner.
      Cheers, Dom

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