Back to Puerto Rico 

We used a much needed rest day to retreat from the high inland plane around Granada and Jaén (over a thousand metres ASL) ahead of a weather front bringing freezing temperatures and a flurry of snow. From our new base just north of Malaga (micro camping in the garden of a villa owned by a Dutch couple – quirky!) we were clear of any frost but did have a bighting northerly wind to contend with. Puerto Rico, in a sheltered comb overlooking the Med above Marbella was the perfect option (which Jake and I had reccied a month ago). 

More tufa tussles at an amenable grade; it’s a good little crag and if it was twice as high it would be awesome, but it’s churlish to complain. 

Certainly more entertaining than your typical grey slab! 

And gets pretty much all the sun going, until it dips behind the hill around 5ish. Here are a couple of Spanish teams making the most of the last of the rays. Can you spot both? Hint: one is in the cave and one is just above and to the left. 

I managed a couple of 7as, so was really chuffed: Turbo d’escape (the second route you get to on arriving at the crag up the attractive single tufa) and 28 primaveras – both pretty soft, but happy to take the smooth with the rough :-). Over towards the left of the crag, Helen led the excellent Pies Negro, 6a+, which takes a steep grey wall on surprising pockets. 

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