Bowden Doors

We found a grand little spot to park up for the night, just south of Amble, above a gorgeous unspoilt beach (albeit with a power station on the headland!)

… But I think we might have got a bit spoilt with all our time in Portugal and Greece as the threshold for a 5* beach beeling seems to have been set impossibly high.

Off to Bowden Doors – a tad windy but more exhilarating than numbing on the first sunny day in a while.

A bunch of great routes including scorpion, banana Wall, runnel, and Tiger’s Wall. Here’s Helen on the latter.

… Oh, and a route called Sue…

All great climbing around UK 4c to 5a but beware of the bizarre adjectival grades – how can a Severe 4c have a big run out?

Later trundled over to take a look at Lindisfarne…

… but the tides weren’t quite right!

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