Katafiki Canyon

With a sector “Big Wall” and billed as having “World class climbing” we had to pay a visit to Katafiki Canyon. It also benefits from being roadside and in a very pretty spot, next to a babbling stream. Unfortunately, the bulk of the climbing faces north east and even on a sunny day it’s a chilly place in January.

We managed a fairly early start and made the most of a bit of sun on Sector Welcome. Here’s Helen on Hola, a tough 5c

See if you can spot her on this shot…

And Jim topping out on Bonjour, 6a

We finished off with Sabbatical, a very fingery and sharp 6b, which was worth at least some of its 3 stars. My overall verdict would be “OK rather than Awesome” but it’d certainly be a great spot to avoid the heat a bit later in the year, when warmer fingers might appreciate the prickly rock a bit more.

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