Leonidio – Twin Caves, and a day of belay bunnying

Another chilly day, 8C max, but at least it was dry. Reports from Bill and Barbara, back from a foray over the hill, indicated the snowploughs had been out!

News of “Brits enjoy hottest ever February day” was received stoically, and most of the team “personned-up” and put boot to rock – mostly taking advantage of the sheltered conditions on Kokkinovrachos . The main team took to Douvari which was mobbed with Rucksackers

… and Steve and James hit Hot Rock (in name only!)

I’d determined to take a rest day, having climbed for a dozen days on the bounce, so offered Jake my services as a belay bunny. I wasn’t quite so sure when he chose another trip to Twin Caves, 300m higher and somewhat more windswept, but a deal’s a deal.

We were at least below the snow line (but only by a couple of hundred metres)

After a quick warm up, Jake threw himself at Patata Negra, 8a/+ taking a steep and fingery line right of the main cave

He made good progress working the moves over a couple of tries, finally linking from the crux to the top. Fingers crossed for a send later in the week when the weather warms up a bit!

Meanwhile, others had the same idea and we spent a rest interval watching proceedings on adjacent routes – no one was finding the conditions easy!

Time for hot chocolate and cake!

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