Rocca dell’Arma – up into the clouds

With Jake and Leah having a rest day, we took the opportunity to explore the top end of Val Penneveire. Rocca dell’Arma sits at around 1,400m near Colle di Carpauna at the foot of Monte Armetta. It’s a winding drive through isolated hill villages, gradually taking on a more alpine feel as the valley opens out,

before parking at the neat refugio near the crag.

Inevitably, the temperature had steadily plummeted as we’d ascended, but we’d been banking on sunshine to offset the cool 12C ambient – the swirling mist had other plans! You can still just about make out the long series of crags strung out along the hillside, and we settled for the nearest one Muri Rossi, to at least bag a token route. The rock is really different – very square-cut and sharply angular, with many of the “holds” facing unhelpfully downwards (somewhere Malhamesque…) However, the climbing is really interesting and enjoyable, and despite the cold we surprised ourselves by sticking it out for 3 routes: Pioggia,

Cretina, and Turnica – all 6a/+ and not soft touches.

Further right, the crag changes character again, with soaring long lines in the high 6s and 7s flanking an impressive cave which is the home to a couple of projects and should keep “the Next Generation” amused for a while.

We bailed at that point, to seek the sunshine back on the coast (leaving a heavily wrapped German / Israeli team) but we’ll certainly come back!

2 responses to “Rocca dell’Arma – up into the clouds

  1. Hello again (we met at Tierra de Nadie in February)
    Are you using the newly published Pennavaire guidebook or the Oltre Finale guide which has been unobtainable this year, or do you have another book?
    Would you recommend whichever guidebook you do have?

    • Hi Paul. We’ve got the Oltre Finale guide from a previous trip which has more in it than the new Pennavaire guide. Your best bet is to get the Vertical Life App and subscribe for a month and you can access the full content of the Oltre Finale guide for about a fiver (and all the rest of their content including Finale if you want to make a side trip). The app works well on a phone and you can use it offline once you have downloaded the content. Let me know if you want any more info 🙂

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