East Coast conglomerate

The recently developed sports climbing on the conglomerate crags around Golspie add a welcome extra dimension to the cragging in the North of Scotland: Easy access, sunny aspect and favourable micro-climate near the coast and in the rain shadow of the big hills.

We’d visited in 2017 when development was still underway:



… and even managed to bag a first ascent, of sorts, linking existing bolts with a giant traverse of Creag Bheag into arguably one of Scotland’s longest sports routes


Four years on and it’s noticeable how much the routes have cleaned up with traffic – everything we did seemed very solid. Here are a few shots from Creagh Mohr

… and from Creag Bheag

A small sub-group of Rockaroundtheworld followers can enter into a “guess the climber” competition for the last 4 photos above – last seen on rock when the year started with a “1” they both took to this new-fangled bolt-clipping like ducks to water! Answers in a comment to follow in a couple of days…

2 responses to “East Coast conglomerate

    • And we have a winner! Now all we need to do is drag Nick and Tony out of retirement and we’ve got the whole gang back together!

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