Unfinished Business at Tierra de Nadie

Tierra de Nadie was our favourite find of 2020 – we had three highly enjoyable and productive days there in Feb/March before taking a break to Finestrat to welcome the early arrivals for the Rucksack Club SunRock meet.

As a last bit of TDN Action before our side-trip, Helen practiced a 6b+ on a top rope. Too tired after a hard day climbing to lead it, she fully expected to go back a few days later to finish the job – but instead we found ourselves in a huge convoy of campervans heading home from Spain due to lockdown.

Tierra de Nadie – Welcome to No Man’s Land

Tierra de Nadie – chasing the shade!

She finally led the route yesterday, and even remembered the crux moves 🤣.

In her words: “I’m very lucky that so far the only personal impact of the pandemic has been loss of freedom, but completing this route felt very important to me. You can’t really tell from the photo, but I have a HUGE smile on my face.

Plenty of beta and pics on our previous posts, so here’s just a couple more photos and a brief update.

Not much has changed in 2 years but there’s a nice new sign – surprisingly little wear & tear, and no sign of any van-dwellers in the parking.
Warm walk up above the orange groves before plunging into the welcome shade
Perfect spot when it’s 24C in the sun
Underground, 7a – easy after an early crimpy wall apart from a desperate move to the chains
Fab views to Montessa opposite

Also managed Primavera Valencia, 7a (40m of sustained interest with crux through thin tufa streak) and Roco Alzira, 7a+ (more 40m fun – slightly ugly through powdery flake then soooo pumpy into orange wall and pockety roof). Slowly working my way through the 7a/+s, but there’s a couple of visits worth yet until I’ll need to up my game further!

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